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The Cuisinart Food Processor

Cuisinart has been a trusted brand in the US for many years. It was founded way back in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer, and ever since its inception it has proven to be a fabulous companion both for amateur cook or baker and master of the kitchen. They offer a variety of cookware, glassware and other small kitchenware that include coffee maker, blender, waffle maker and the famous food processor among others. The best food processor revolutionized the way of cooking for many kitchen aficionados. In fact it was made popular by Julia Child and James Beard stating that is a great help in the kitchen because it can do various tasks with minimal effort and time. It is also now available in many countries worldwide making it one of the most bought processors these days. Each Cuisinart food processor is unique and differs in function so it is best to carefully choose how and what foods or ingredients that needs to be mixed or sliced, what the capacity is and if it is durable to ensure the maximum usage of this kitchen tool.

cuisinart prep 11 plusThe Cuisinart prep 11 plus is great way to start with. It has an 11-cup capacity suitable for medium sized cooking. It can easily slice a cucumber or shred a lettuce in no time. It has on, off, pulse and dough modes which makes it easier if you are reluctant on what button goes with what. And because it has a dough mode built with it you can easily make bread dough with it or even dough for pastry tart shells with just one touch of button. Green peas can be pureed in a matter of seconds and onions and tomatoes chopped for a great salsa. There are many colors to choose from it comes in black, white, stainless, red and gray. It is also dishwasher safe and has a quiet motor, it’s a lovely kitchen companion. It has a full 10-year warranty with another 3-year limited warranty on the entire unit. It is not exactly the cheapest of the bunch but with a high performance kitchen machine it is pretty competitive.

cuisinart custom 14-cup food processorAnother high performance kitchen equipment is the Cuisinart custom 14-cup food processor. This kitchen tool has a boxy base appearance with rubber feet to prevent it from sliding. It has a large capacity so whipping up a large batch of pizza dough for a large group of people can be done in a breeze. In addition nuts can be powdered and hard cheeses grated. That’s how powerful it is. It does not matter whether the vegetable or fruit is large or small, there is a useful pusher that will cater to both. It can even chop meat or chicken or any poultry for that matter, and what you will end up is fine grounded meat that can be used for meatballs or burgers. It also comes with both manual and instructions on how to use it. All in all whatever the motivation is for buying, functionally and durability remains as the top priorities.