Juicing vs Blending Dilemma: Which One Gives You More Health Benefits?

More and more people are becoming health conscious for a number of reasons. The most common reason is, of course, to prevent illnesses. Aside from eating healthy fruits and vegetables, healthy drinks are also a great option. There are two ways to make the most out of the juices from fruits and veggies: juicing and blending. However, there are confusions between the efficiency of these two methods.

Juicing refers to the process of extracting water from fresh produce and leaving indigestible fiber behind. The digestive system is said to work efficiently in terms of absorbing the nutrients without the fiber. In fact, drinking fruit and vegetable juice work more effectively in absorbing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients the body needs as compared to eating whole fruits and vegetables.

Blending is an entirely different process. It does not extract the juice but uses the entire fruit or vegetable to produce a healthy drink. This means that the fiber is not taken out from fresh produce. The problem is that the process of blending fruits and vegetables break fiber apart causing the digestive system to absorb nutrients more slowly.

In terms of efficiency in absorbing nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins, juicing is the best option. However, it is important to use the right juicing equipment so your body absorbs the proper nutrients. If you want to your purchase the best juicer, reading reviews like these http://bestjuicerreviewsguide.com/ will give you an idea about the most reliable juicers in the market today.

omega j8006Based on Omega 8006 juicer reviews, this juicing machine is revolutionary. Although it operates at a slow speed, it produces high quality juices with less foam. It is also equipped with a dual-stage juicing system that can produce more juice. It is also complete with pulp ejection and four stabilizing feet.

It also operates silently and is equipped with an automatic mechanism so the pulp is ejected, allowing for a more continuous juicing process. It is also easy to clean and will not take so much of your time. Due to the fact that the juice has less foam, important enzymes are not destroyed and nutrients are kept.

However, just like other juicing products, Omega J8006 also has its downside. The fruits and vegetables need to be chopped up into small pieces before you put them into the juicing container. The bin is not large enough for two large glasses. This is why you need to empty it before you continue with another juicing process. The price is also an issue to those who are on a budget.

omega vrt350Another Omega juicer that has continued to receive positive reviews is the Omega VRT350. According to various Omega VRT350 reviews, the machine is way different from the usual centrifugal juicers. Most centrifugal juicers operate at high speeds while this one operates at a lower speed and it does not have a spinning action. However, this does not mean that it is not efficient in producing great juices. The slow operation does not produce much heat and therefore prevents the breakdown of enzymes in the juice. As a result, more enzymes and vitamins are made available for the body to absorb. It is another product from Omega that will make blending a thing of the past.

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